PF Official Offers to Sponsor UPND Councillors for Party Caucus in Lusaka

Patriotic Front North Western Province Chairman Jackson Kungo has pledged to sponsor UPND councillors from the Province who have been invited for a meeting in Lusaka.

According to a circular issued by UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka on August 2, 2018 the opposition party has called for a meeting with all its councillors in Lusaka emphasising that the program is on self-sponsorship basis.

But Kungo has laughed off the opposition political parties Memo accusing them of failing to support their members.

He said it is unfair for the UPND to ask its councillors to attend the meeting using their resources when it’s clear they are faced with challenges.

Kungo added that he is ready to pay for councillors to allow them attend their party meeting in Lusaka.

“How do you expect Councillors from as far as Chavuma in North Western Province to sponsor themselves for a party function, I think this is not fair,” he said.

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