PF loses Mututwa to UPND

… Imenda says the decision by Mututwa to leave his party to the ruling party is a testament that the UPND us getting attractive

By Francis Maingaila ♥️ 💖

Lusaka, Zambia24 (7-05-2024) – Former PF Provincial Chairperson Charles Mututwa has defected from the opposition PF to the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND), citing the party’s proximity to the people and its development-oriented agenda.

Addressing journalists during a media briefing, Mututwa expressed his conviction that the UPND is the party of the people, and he is eager to contribute to its growth and the country’s development.

Mututwa dismissed claims that his decision to join the UPND was coerced, stating that it was a personal conviction.

He expressed concerns about the opposition PF’s potential comeback, citing confusion and uncertainty among its members and voters. He advised the people to rally behind the UPND for continued development.

Mututwa also expressed doubt about the opposition PF’s capability to win the election, citing confusion and disorganization within the party.

He voiced concerns about the lack of unity among its members and the uncertainty surrounding their direction.

Mututwa emphasized the need for stability and clear leadership, which he believes the UPND offers.

He urged voters to consider these factors when making their decision, emphasizing the importance of a strong and focused leadership for the country’s progress.

Furthermore, Mututwa urged the people to join hands with the UPND in rebuilding the country, which he believes has been adversely affected by the administration of the PF.

He emphasized the need for collective efforts to overcome the challenges and setbacks experienced under the previous leadership.

Mututwa highlighted the UPND’s commitment to inclusive governance and sustainable development as essential for restoring the nation’s prosperity.

He called upon citizens from all walks of life to unite under the UPND’s banner, working together towards a brighter future for Zambia.

Party Deputy Secretary General Gertrude Imenda welcomed Mututwa, expressing gratitude for his decision to join the UPND.

She acknowledged the government’s efforts as a beacon of hope for progress and praised individuals like Frank Bwalya and Mututwa for their support in economic rebuilding.

She said the decision by Mututwa to leave his party to the ruling party is a testament that the UPND us getting attractive.

She highlighted Frank’s understanding of current issues as a guiding light, attracting others to join the cause.

Imenda emphasized Mututwa’s pivotal role, alongside past contributors, in the journey towards prosperity.

Imenda urged the people to join the running UPND, saying, “We welcome everyone who shares our vision of a developed and prosperous Zambia. Let us work together to build a better future for ourselves and future generations. The UPND is the party of the people, and together, we can achieve great things.”

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