By ZANIS:Western Province Patriotic Front -PF- Campaign leader Bronah Lubasi has expressed optimism that the ruling party is gaining massive popularity in the opposition stronghold.Speaking to ZANIS in a match past victory of the Kaande ward by-election , Mrs. Lubasi said the PF was getting stronger in Western Province going by the results obtained in yesterday’s local government by-election.She also said the massive infrastructure development that was being implemented by Government in Western Province were a clear testimony of the hardworking party led by President Edgar Lungu.Mrs. Lubasi said the PF will win the 2021 elections because the People are no longer interested in the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND).She said for a long time the people of Western Province had been following blindly and had now resolved to work with the ruling PF party which espouses an open-door policy.Mrs. Lubasi said the era of championing tribal politics was long gone as people were now more concerned with one’s individual capacity to delivery and not where he or she hails from.The PF campaign leader was also quick to state that the people of Western province were ready to work with the ruling PF to foster the development of the province.Mrs. Lubasi said Government under the administration of President Lungu has invested colossal sums of money in the social sector which had seen the construction of new hospitals schools and clinics in the Province. Post Views: 5
News Source: ZNBC

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