PF Cadres attack UPND Secretariat


GeneralSecretaryStephenKatukatoldZambianEyeinastatementbelowthatthe cadrescadreswhowerecoming President Lungsfiling in ofnominations have destroyed someproperty:

We strongly condemn the violent attacks on our party secretariat and the property of our supporters by PF cadres, following the nomination filing of President Lungu this morning.


The police must quickly move to arrest the guilty parties and bring them to book so that a loud and clear message is sent that if you commit a criminal act then you will be punished according to the law, regardless of your political affiliation.


The PF is now acting as a party in fear. Their so-called leadership must bring its cadres under control immediately. Nomination filing should be a cause for celebration, not an excuse for violence, abuse and intimidation.


Such behaviour is dragging our country and its people down. It comes from a preference by the PF to focus on personal attacks and divisive issues, rather than discuss the issues; it comes from a government that does nothing to bring the perpetrators of politically motivated criminal acts to justice; and it comes from a government that keeps its people in poverty, even while it enjoys pay increases and luxury international travel.


This way of governing is hurting our people financially, emotionally and physically. We must fix this come 11 August 2016 by voting for an end to such behaviour.


Stephen Katuka

UPND Secretary General

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