Pay workers now, UPND tells Govt

The opposition UPND has demanded that Government immediately pays civil servants their salaries. This follows a delay in the arrival of salaries for the month of May.

The opposition party has described the delay as “unacceptable and demotivating” and wondered how government hopes to effectively manage the economy when they are failing to pay a few workers.

“The PF Government must pay the workers now,” said UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma in a statement. “People are understandably asking how can there be money for Heroes Stadium when there is no money for the salaries of government workers?

“All this week the UPND has been talking about its plan for creating jobs, but there is another important point to be made here: we need good employers who pay their workers on time and take care of them. Government must set a standard in this respect. This kind of behaviour is unacceptable and demotivating. These workers have families to pay, school fees to pay and various other obligations.

“It also once again shows up the PFs poor management. They cannot afford to pay a few workers on time, no wonder the economy is in its current state. These workers must be paid without delay.”

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