By Reuben Chomba- Political Analyst ALEX NG’OMA has advised political parties taking part in the August 12, 2021 General Election to pay attention to recent opinion polls as they are important.

Dr. NG’OMA says during this period political parties should enhance their campaign strategies to ensure they win peoples’ hearts.

He has also advised those that have been predicted to win not to relax but boost their campaign strategy.

Speaking to ZNBC News in an interview in Lusaka, Dr NG’OMA further urged political parties to continue adhering to free and fair election campaigns.

Meanwhile, MUSIYANI SICHONE, another Political Analyst said a well-researched opinion poll is cardinal as it indicates the outcome of the general election.

Mr. SICHONE said opinion polls are credible, hence the need to respect them by all political parties.

Meanwhile, Patriotic Front -PF- Media Director ANTONIO MWANZA says the opinion polls are not far from the truth as the PF will win with a landslide victory.

Mr. MWANZA further said the party will not relent but intensify their campaign strategies to increase on numbers.

And National Restoration Party -NAREP- President STEPHEN NYIRENDA said his party will use the recent opinion polls to intensify its campaign strategies to penetrate all corners of the country.

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