President Lungu assures of Govt eagerness to develop rural areas

President Edgar Lungu says Government is eager to develop communities in the countryside so as to foster development in rural areas. President Lungu says this will be done through creating linkages between villages and districts. This link between villages and districts will be done through construction of road infrastructure, schools and hospitals. He said this

Wezi dedicates “Mwenzeko” to all mothers

Wezi releases the song “Mwenzeko (Mama knows best)” .The song is produced by Mainza Chipenzi.  She had this to say about the song: “I’d like to share a very sentimental public display of affection towards the woman that saw it all before it became reality, now I am an award winning artist. A song called Mwenzeko,

GBM qualifications and ECZ position

YALI Governance Expert Isaac Mwanza has issued the following statement on reports making rounds on UPND presidential running mate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba commonly known as GBM:   Currently there is a rumour circulating on the qualifications by GBM and my brother Ngande Mwanajiti who is a PF member is quoted in connection with the story. I am keenly trying to follow these developments and see where it goes. I can’t say it’s true or not until the truth comes out,

Zesco to reduce loadshedding further

ZESCO says load-shedding is expected to further reduce by the end of this month on account of the coming on-stream of 300 MW from Maamba Collieries. Zesco spokesperson Henry Kapata said the offloading of power onto the national grid would be done in stages of 150MW in a space of two weeks. “We shall begin
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