Step up super-El Niño events – Oxfam

CYNTHIA MWALE, Lusaka AFRICAN governments have been urged to invest public funds in women smallholder farmers to help them adapt to climate change. Oxfam, which is an international confederation of 18 organisations working together with partners and local communities in over 90 countries, says governments should also ensure that they assist farmers to sell their

Do crowds at rallies win elections?

Hope Nyambe Once again, the prehistoric political ritual of holding grandeur rallies before presidential elections is upon us. From the introduction of multi party democracy in 1991, rallies for presidential election are growing bigger with no expense spared. Both the Patriotic Front (PF) and the United Party for National Development (UPND) launched their rallies on

Short Story: The Magic Button

By Emil Nyambe Once upon a time, there lived a boy called Dan. He lived with his mum and dad. Dan’s mother worked as a tailor and his dad was a steel worker. Dan’s mum always used to bring buttons for Dan to play with. Once, when Dan’s mum brought home a button, the button

Sexual Violence in Africa: Reversing the trends

In honour of Africa Day 2016, three Right Livelihood Award Laureates from Africa are speaking out to reverse the current trends of sexual violence on the continent. As the World Health Organization (WHO) reports, “about 1 in 3 (35%) of women worldwide have experienced either physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime.” The situation is particularly
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