Open letter to Dr Nevers Mumba

Dear editor, THIS letter is to convey my sincere thanks to you my brother, Dr Nervers Mumba, for your contribution to our political development for over two decades. I have personally not only lost few elections in my time, but I have also suffered great injustices at the hands of people I tried to serve

NGO commends Zambia’s democracy

ARTHUR MWANSA, Lusaka OPEN Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) executive director Siphosami Malunga says the region would not have been liberated without Zambia’s contribution. Mr Malunga said it is also encouraging that Africa has chosen to embrace democracy as its form of governance. He said this in Lusaka recently during the launch of the

‘We need to fund infrastructure better’

DOREEN NAWA, Lusaka NEW Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) chief executive officer Ibrahim Mayaki says more innovative ways of financing infrastructure projects in Africa are needed in order to sustain Africa’s aspirations to grow its economy. Dr Mayaki was speaking at the official opening of the second Continental Business Network meeting on the sidelines at

Reduce tax on ICT tools, Africa urged

CHOMBA MUSIKA, Lusaka NIGERIA’s former Minister of Communication and Technology Omotola Johnson has urged African governments to reduce taxation on imported information and communications technology (ICT) in order to improve internet access on the continent. Ms Johnson is also concerned that the cost of internet accessibility in Africa is three times higher than in the

Africa on right path

THE current crop of African leaders is making great strides in improving the lives of people on the continent, especially in tackling the plight of the youth and women. The African Development Bank (AfDB) leadership is also impressive in pioneering infrastructure development on the continent. The AfDB has been Africa’s partner in infrastructure development for