Over 166, 000 offenders captured by speed cameras- Mushimba

Brian Mushimba

Brian Mushimba

A total of 166, 418 offenders were captured by speed cameras for exceeding the recommended speed limits on respective road sections as of 18th September this year.

Minister of Communication and Transport Brian Mushimba however says there has been a drop in the number of offenders month on month since the project started.

Mr. Mushimba has told Parliament in a ministerial statement that this is the trend that government want and expected.

He says government expects a corresponding decrease in road accidents and their severity.

And Mr. Mushimba has disclosed that government is considering the revision of speed limits, in places where revision is necessary, for roads that have been installed with traffic speed cameras.

Mr. Mushimba says government has taken note of the speed limit inconsistencies that motorists are facing and that the review and streamlining of the speed limits will conclude by end of the year.

He says the other measures that have been put in place to mitigate concerns members of the public have raised on the speed cameras also include mounting of road signs on roads with speed cameras.

Mr. Mushimba states that other mitigatory measures include reduction in the turnaround time for offense notification to about four days.

He has told the House that these and other mitigatory measures are meant to ensure the successful implementation of the subsequent phases of the speed camera project in the Country.


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