(ZANIS) Works and Supply Minister Sylvia Chalikosa says contractors should endeavor to offer good after service that will benefit both the people of Zambia and the contractor.

Ms Chalikosa said during the tour of the Copperbelt International Airport construction project that government will endeavor to take development to all parts of the country.

The Minister said she is impressed that the project stands at over 78 percent completion.

Ms. Chalikosa praised AVIC International for making sure that skills are transferred from the Chinese expertise to Zambians.

And, AVIC International Senior Consultant, Lei Yingqi says 50 contractors have been engaged at the US $397 million project.

Mr. Lei also said that more than 1 thousand Zambians at the Copperbelt International Airport in Ndola with skills have been employed and not less than 50 contractors being engaged at the US $397 million aviation project.

The Minister is on the Copperbelt to tour selected public infrastructure.

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