AN opposition leader has embarked on a mission to fight the government using acts of sabotage, says a Zambian Private Investigator, David Silubanje.
Mr Silubanje said the same opposition leader has also engaged some international media organisations to spread false news about Zambia to the international community.
He further disclosed that the same opposition leader is the one who hired some people to distribute fliers suggesting that Government had sold ZAFFICO.
Mr Silubanje appealed to security wings in the country to be vigilant and stop such acts aimed at bringing chaos in the country.
He charged that the opposition were facing difficulties in mobilising their parties but instead opted to resort to desperate acts as was evidenced by their anti-China propaganda.
Speaking in Lusaka at a media briefing yesterday, Mr Silubanje appealed to government investigative wings to quickly move in and arrest culprits behind these calculated and systematic scenes of disturnances.
“ There is no need to start inciting people to kill each other by telling them lies just wait for your time to rule and we are aware that some people are working with the opposition and are being paid to feature on radio or television programmes to insult and start calling Government all sorts of names,” said Mr Silubanje. And Mr Silubanje said according to the investigations he conducted, there was no parastatal companies that had been sold except some companies had entered into joint ventures contrary to some media reports.
He said all the 33 State-owned companies were intact, therefore listing companies on Lusaka Stock Exchange (LUSE) did not mean that the companies had been sold, but to allow people buy shares. “I will not be surprised to hear people say State House has been sold, Cairo Road , and National Assembly among others, because the opposition parties have merged to discredit government and I’am calling upon all Ministers also to join this campaign and defend the government by explaining to the people the current situation,” he said.

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