Opinion: PF Losing Lusaka Mayoral Seat To Cute Maureen Mwanawasa?

Maureen Mwanawasa-1jpg I am sure Sata is just saying, “You see what I was talking about iwe ka Chilufya, and am responding, “I am sorry I was wrong you are right”. I am a Sata legacy carrier and I will not let him down even in his death.

Anyway, I did not see this one coming, congratulations UPND, this is a grand master move. Congratulations to Mama Maureen Mwanawasa. In bemba we say “ichasamika umutali, umwiipi teti achibule (if a tall man puts something on top, you don’t expect a short man to get it)

Unless you want to be petty and unreasonably bias, to fool President Lungu, you can’t dispute the fact that Maureen Mwanawasa is a heavy-weight to compete with on a position like Mayor. Actually I would have loved her to take on Margret Mwanakatwe for Lusaka Central.

This political tournament is becoming very interesting, how I wish my Newspaper would have taken off, but PF members just cheated me like a fool. Anyway, my support for PF is not based on the fake promises of some PF members. I espouse for a higher value in politics and I will be objective regardless.

Don’t say, I am confusing you, yesterday PF was leading at Presidential level where I pegged Edgar Lungu with 3.5 and HH with 1 based on the political events so far, that still remains because HH has still not chosen a running mate and from my impeccable sources, it will not be Christine Kaseba,

GBM has stack his fingers deep in that position (Veep) and he is not negotiating, it has to be him otherwise it will be embarrassing for him. And I think he has done a lot to deserve that in UPND.

But if you talk about the Mayor position, this one goes to UPND and Maureen, I don’t think the little known PF candidate (I can’t even remember his name) stands a chance. The next might even be Fiso Mwale after Maureen.

Meanwhile, if I was President Lungu I would summon the great thinkers, other than just the loud speakers like Frank Bwalya to an upper room meeting because this game is becoming dangerous.

You need a meeting where people I telling you the truth and bringing proper strategies.

It is clear to me that this election will not be won by a simple sonta slogan, what will win this election has not been unleashed by neither the PF not the UPND. If either of this parties gets it, that will be it.

I keep saying the election is in the hands of undecided voters and if I ask any of the parties, what will really make a neutral voter to go for PF or UPND in one word, I doubt both parties would get it.

Sonta, if not enough while UPND is even worse because they don’t even have a selling slogan yet. That song you are playing all over including in a cinema halls (Fresh view) does not make any sense for a neutral voter.

Politics teyabana iyoo, meanwhile I am for hire, I need money from my street children, the sex workers and Newspaper to defuse the lies of some of these daily tabloids. I have never been hired but this time, I can make a bit of money for my projects but don’t come with kuma change you give your girlfriends.

If you have not seen what I am talking about here, this is what we call political consultancy which serious political parties pay heavily to win an election and I have just become one (Political Consultant) kikikiki. I am not taking anything less than a million for my political consultancy.

By Chilufya Tayali

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