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Opinion: Nevers Mumba’s Political Demise Is Self-Scripted

MMD-president-Nevers-Mumba-arrives-at-St-Ignatius-Parish-for-the-way-of-the-Cross-service-on-April-182014It is very easy to sympathize with Nevers Mumba in his having lost battle of the MMD leadership. His faction in the opposition Movement for Multi Party Democracy rendered some credence of legitimacy, but the convention electing Felix Mutati as new leader put any argument to rest – Nevers Mumba’s doomsday was here.

Mumba long lost the plot but rather than humble himself to stead the MMD ship, he opted to flaunt a posture of strong headedness.

When influential members within the party, at least still with clout in parliament then, like Brian Chituwo, Michael Kaingu, Dora Siliya, Kabinga Pande among others drifted Mumba insisted the party could do away with them. At least he still had members like Mwansa Mbulakulima, Felix Mutati, and Catherine Namugala by then willing to stick around and salvage whatever remained of the party.

Even Bowman Lusambo amongst the strongest MMD defenders in the post 2011 elections defeat period had to give up on Mumba. Who can forget the spirited defence Muhabi Lungu then as presidential spokesperson put up on behalf of the MMD when President Michael Sata was still in charge.

Mumba was so steeped in his ego that even when the MMD house was falling apart late last week in the run up to the convention that rather than reach out to his colleagues he opted to put up a false posture of a man in charge.

Of course given his now weak political stance few could have expected Mumba to mount a formidable challenge as he neither has the financial nor political support to respond. Maybe if he had stayed in the ministry his charisma may have still counted for something.

It is not helpful feeling pity for Mumba given he blew up whatever chance he had to salvage the MMD. Did he not run for presidency in January 2015 when he pulled all stops to be the candidate? So what value is Mumba expected to bring to the August 11 general elections when he is in an even more diminished position? Maybe whoever lent him that K37, 500 down payment toward nomination fees for the presidential elections would better
help him save it for he may need it after the elections.

Mumba did not just wake up on Saturday and find that Mutati had run away with whatever remained of the MMD for Mumba had long lost the legitimacy to run the former ruling party long before the convention.

To imagine Mumba himself was a visitor to the MMD after auctioning his National Christian Coalition, he may not feel the deep pain of the true blue MMD members that are grieving at the demise of the once mighty party.

So, for Mumba to play victim in all this scheme smacks of hypocrisy. Did he not continuously siphon money from former Republican President Rupiah Banda on the promise of retaining the MMD to power? RB handed the party to Mumba on the promise that the former pastor will restore the MMD to greatness but everyone knows what the MMD has become.

Like any good Christian Mumba should accept his share of the blame and not play saintly when he has driven the last nail in the MMD coffin. In all this, Mumba should learn that respecting the constitution of a body like MMD was fundamental to staying afloat. You can flout your company’s rules but doing so with a political party is suicidal.

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