Opinion: Inside Dr Musumaliís Socialist Delusions

Musumali RainbowWe have repeatedly argued on this platform that Wynter Kabimba and his cartelís espousal of a socialist agenda is premised on a fraudulent foundation.

Not that we care so much for socialism, capitalism, communism or any of the romantic ideologue that well fed elites feed on as a hobby but we have always known that for all its frailties socialism has always been by far nobler than what Kabimba and his clique stand for.

Take for instance the resignation of Kabimbaís running mate midway in the count of the election results Dr Cosmas Musumali. Surely given the strength in ink he falsely exuded in the 14 times a week coverage he received in The Post Newspapers posturing as a strong standing socialist Dr Musumali should be known for the fraud he is.

Dr Musumali by far received more coverage in The Post Newspapers falsely standing as a man with firm beliefs. Even a rudimentary socialist or revolutionary like comrade Erick Chanda has by far a greater claim to authenticity than the fraud that Dr Musumali is.

Those in the know may wonder why the fuss about Dr Musumali but he is one of those that were touted as being politically infallible by The Post being pushed as having a flavour a better than the hundreds of politicians that have to dig their heads in the dirty of politics while the Dr Musumialis just wanted to walk in and posture as being more knowledgeable in the art of politics than everyone else.

Any scholar of socialism will tell you that revolutionaries never abandoned their missions at the first sight of danger. Did not Fidel Castro, the finest of them all revolutionaries have to come back one year later after his initial failure in 1956 during the assault on Mocada Barracks to march gloriously into Havanna almost 10 years later?

Even the world famed Congo expedition of Ernesto Che Guevara that ended in failure did not stop him going for his life defining mission in Bolivia that eventually ended his life. So the next time a politician feeds its prospective electorates on an ideological diet it will be better to check their record as the Dr Musumali lesson has exposed what fraud some self proclaimed political messiahs are.

After all, is it not common knowledge that these capitalists in socialist garb are wedded to the worst of the vanities of capitalism?

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