The Nationwide Olympic Council of Zambia -NOCZ has praised the 14 athletes who represented the nation at the Formative years Olympic video games in Argentina for exhibiting high levels of discipline at the match.
NOCZ President Alfred Foloko says discipline is foremost for sports activities males and ladies folks to excel of their careers.
Foloko says the council moreover takes huge pride in receiving medals from athletes.
He has congratulated Kennedy Luchembe and Niddy Minglish for minting silver and bronze medals respectively in athletics and Equestrian Bunty Howard for winning a bronze medal.
Folokohas called for continued labor as the athletes prepare for future engagements such as the December video games to be held in Botswana and the 2020 Olympics amongst others.
He used to be talking when he got the athletes at the Kenneth Kunda World airport in Lusaka this present day.
And Delegation Chief, Man Phiri praised the athletes for their labor and dedication.

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