The case in which former Director of Public Prosecution Mutembo Nchito wants a citizen Chanonda Ngwira to be cited for contempt of court has been adjourned to November 20th.
This is because two of the Constitutional court judges are indisposed.
When the matter came up Justice Enock Mulemba informed the parties that their case will not be heard until the other two judges are around to complete a panel of five judges.
In this matter Mr Nchito wants Mr Ngwira to be cited for contempt for allegedly threatening supreme court Judge Mumba Malila and Albert Wood who are expected to testify in a case were Mr Nchito has challenged his removal from office as DPP.
Mr. Nchito has argued that the letter written by Mr Ngwira to the judges is contemptuous and aimed at intimidating them as witnesses.
Mr. Nchito said he has decided to take this action in order to promote the administration of justice.
But Mr Ngwira has argued to the contrary saying he has a right to sue any one including Judge Malila and Judge Wood if he believes they have committed as offence.
He said he cannot be cited for contempt of court for merely exercising his constitutional rights.
Mr Ngwira stated that his action is meant to protect the oath of office that the two took before assuming their offices.
In this matter Mr Ngwira is represented by Ferdinand Jere and Kennedy Mambwe while Mr Nchito is representing himself with the help of Chisuwo Hamwela.

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