COMMUTERS of Ndola have expressed displeasure over the increment of bus fares at 22 percent.
Due to the hike in the prices of fuel, transport operators had made a proposal to increase bus fares by 30 percent but Government approved a 22 percent increment.
However, despite the reduction from the 30 percent to 22 percent, residents in Ndola felt that it would affect them negatively. Bridget Kampasa said it was unfair for bus fares to be increased because a good number of the people would not afford the new charges.
Ms Kampasa said even before the increase, most people were already finding it hard to meet the cost of transport.
Joseph Mwenya, another resident of Ndola, noted that the 22 percent hike in bus fares was too high.
Meanwhile, Dube Kangowale, a bus driver at Chisokone Market in Ndola brushed off the residents’ sentiments.
He said the increase was justified considering that fuel prices had also been adjusted upwards.
Mr Kangowale said a 30 percent increment would have been viable due to the harsh conditions that were transpiring in the country.
He noted that his reasoning was not based on selfishness or trying to be heartless to the less privileged but it was based on facts.

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