NDF adopts proposal for electoral law to provide for coalition government

The National Dialogue Forum (NDF) has adopted the proposal for the formulation of an Electoral System Bill to provide for the formation of a coalition government in an event no presidential candidate meets the 50 percent plus one vote threshold.

The electoral system bill will also provide for a mixed member representation parliament.

During deliberations on the Electoral Process Amendment Bill, the Forum further adopted the recommendation in the bill which reduces the election campaign period from three months to sixty calendar days.

The Forum has also agreed that the power of the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to disqualify a candidate be enshrined in the Republican Constitution.

And NDF Chairperson Muyunda Mwanalushi has reserved ruling on whether Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe was in order when she attended the Forum in an alleged drunken state on Saturday.

One of the delegates Guess Nyirenda had earlier sought a ruling on whether Mrs. Mwanakatwe was in order to have come in an alleged drunken state at the Forum.

In his ruling, Professor Mwanalushi said the matter will be referred to the standing committee of the Forum if indeed Mrs. Mwanakatwe was disruptive.

Meanwhile The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has conducted a secret ballot at the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) on proposed amendments to Articles 102 to 104 of the Constitution Amendment Bill 2019.

Article 102 prescribes qualifications of circumstances when there can be a run-off after a presidential election, while Article 103 prescribes circumstances under which a presidential election petition can be filed after a presidential election with Article 104 prescribing the transition period before assuming office after a presidential election.

Delegates at the Forum had four options to vote for on how long it should take to hear and determine a presidential election petition namely 14 working days, 14 calendar days, 30 working days and 30 calendar days.

And NDF spokesperson Isaac Mwanza has told QTV News that the outcome of the two ballots will be known either by the end of Forum’s sitting or on Tuesday when the Forum reconvenes.


News source: QFM Radio

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