NDC Suspends Joseph Kasonde for Misconduct Amid Turmoil

… Nyirenda says Kasonde overstepped his bounds even he anointed himself as president of NDC

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Lusaka, Zambia24 -(27-05 – 2024) — The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is in the midst of a significant internal upheaval as its acting president, Sam Nyirenda, announced the immediate suspension of Joseph Kasonde for gross misconduct. This decision follows Kasonde’s unilateral move to call an extraordinary convention last Saturday and appoint himself president, actions which have sparked considerable unrest within the party.

In a press briefing, Nyirenda detailed the circumstances leading to Kasonde’s suspension. “Following Saturday’s events, the National Government Council, which includes the national executive, met to review the situation. The review revealed that Kasonde’s actions were unbecoming of his position.” Nyirenda also accused Kasonde of misappropriating party forms, exacerbating the discord.

Additionally, the NDC’s chairman of information has been implicated in serious infractions uncovered during the investigation. Nyirenda emphasized that the disciplinary measures are crucial for maintaining party discipline. “As a party in an alliance, we must remain responsible. There has been significant unrest, and we had to take decisive action,” he said.

Nyirenda condemned Kasonde’s unauthorized actions, which he claimed undermined the party’s governance structure. “We cannot tolerate a situation where an individual calls for a National Government Council meeting without proper authority and undermines the very secretariat they are supposed to lead,” he stated.

To address the growing concerns among party members, Nyirenda confirmed plans to convene a National Government Council meeting within the next two weeks. This meeting is essential for preparing for the upcoming Congress, which has been delayed due to ongoing legal issues. “We want to assure our members, including our provincial chairpersons, that we will call for a normal National Government Council meeting soon. This is a constitutional obligation of the party,” Nyirenda added.

Legal challenges also loom over the NDC. The High Court of Ndola has issued an order that remains in effect, alongside an active contempt order. “The High Court of Ndola’s order is still in force, and the contempt order is active. We advise respecting the court’s decisions,” Nyirenda reminded.

The resolution of these legal matters will pave the way for the Congress. “Once the court case is resolved, we will promptly call for the general Congress,” he stated.

In a related development, Siyanda, another senior party member, has also been removed from his position. These disciplinary actions reflect the party’s commitment to maintaining order and integrity amidst ongoing challenges.

Nyirenda addressed irregularities surrounding recent National Government Council (NGC) meetings, accusing the Secretary General of conspiring with a suspended member to organize an unauthorized NGC meeting with 90 participants. “This meeting was not officially sanctioned and went against established procedures for selecting an interim president,” he said.

He stressed the importance of adhering to proper processes for ratifying members and leaders, and reassured party members that the NDC is addressing its challenges despite past disorganization. He also urged for constructive dialogue on issues such as climate change and its impact on water levels, rather than unwarranted criticism of the president.

Meanwhile, Emmanuel Maliti, spokesperson for the National Democratic Society (NDS), issued a stern warning against attempts to destabilize the party. “You have a sponsor who sponsored another. Another man, God knows what this means. We are aware of all these things. The meeting that took place on Saturday was sponsored by dubious means,” Maliti stated, hinting at broader conspiracies aimed at compromising the party alliance.

Maliti’s comments reflect the NDS’s broader concern about misinformation and propaganda targeting the current government. “There are many lies against this government. All these sponsors are really desperate and willing to go to any length, even to the extent of going for any election,” he said.

The NDS, according to Maliti, remains resilient and structured despite external and internal pressures. “For us in the NDS, we will remain as an institution. We will address any attempts to compromise us. The institution, the NDC, is well-structured in this country,” he asserted.

As the political landscape continues to evolve, the NDS’s ability to navigate these challenges will be crucial in maintaining its position and addressing the concerns of its supporters. Maliti’s statement underscores the party’s determination to uphold its principles and safeguard its integrity against any subversive efforts.

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