“NDC Clarifies Leadership Structure,

… As he warns against confusion and expulsion”

Staff writer
Lusaka,.Zambia24 – (25-05-2024) – The National Dem inocratic Party (NDC) has denied reports that Sam Nyirenda is the new president of the party. This announcement follows Nyirenda’s suspension from the party for gross misconduct, which included attempts to manipulate evidence in court.

At a media briefing, party secretary general Kennedy Siyanda clarified that Joseph Kasonde, who was elected president at the party’s extraordinary convention on May 27th, is the only legitimate president of the NDC. Kasonde was elected unopposed after serving as Secretary General of the party since last year.

Siyanda warned deputy party spokesperson Emmanuel Maliti against causing confusion, noting that continued misbehavior could lead to his expulsion from the party. He advised Maliti to stop pretending to be a party leader and to respect the legitimate leadership.

He also gave a brief background of the NDC engagement in the UPND Alliance. He echoed that NDC had joined forces with the UPND and other parties to oppose the PF, which was seen as problematic at the time.

He further highlighted that towards 2021 general elections, the NDC party also faced internal issues resulting in a court dispute still active in Ndola High Court where three former top leaders still appear.

He furtger informed the public, that shortly after 2921 elections former NDC president Honourable Akafumba was appointmented as a civil Servant and honourable Joseph Kasonde who was party National coordinator rose to the position of Secretary General until the extra ordinary general congress held on 27June 2024 where he went unopposed as president of NDC.

Siyanda reassured party members nationwide that the new leaders would visit them and urged them not to worry. He emphasized that Joseph Kasonde is the reliable and legitimate president, and that the party’s identity should not be judged by the actions of a few individuals who caused confusion.

The party has taken disciplinary action against several members. These actions include the expulsion of Mubanga Mbewe, Abbia Munonshi, Maureen Sense, Beatrice Phiri and Grace Mwanza.
He further warned Sam Nyirenda, Emmanuel Malite and stop causing further problems in the party.

The NDC has urged its followers to remain calm and to support the new leadership, which is committed to restoring the party’s integrity and values.

Current Position and Progress:
The speaker has moved from the role of chairman in charge of information and publicity to a new position, highlighting the progress made within the party.

Appeal to the Young Member:
The speaker urges party members to realign with the party’s core values and act as a representative of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) within the UPND alliance.

Commitment to the Alliance:
NDC remains committed to the UPND alliance, providing internal checks and balances, and advice to ensure the alliance’s success benefits the majority of Zambians.

Core Values:
The NDC values integrity and servitude among other, encouraging members to familiarize themselves with these principles.

Promoting Unity and Peace:
The speaker denounces intolerance, divisive language, and tribalism, urging politicians not to use tribal affiliations to advance personal interests. Peace is deemed essential for national prosperity.

Role of Establishments and Chiefdoms:
Various establishments and chiefdoms are called upon to uphold unity and assist in maintaining a healthy, united nation. Their support is considered vital for the nation’s cohesion.

Historical Context and Personal Experience:
The speaker reflects on past political persecution and highlights the progress made under the current leadership, which promotes unity and peace.

Future Vision:
Despite internal differences, the party prioritizes the collective interest and aims to continue fostering unity, emphasizing the importance of “One Zambia, One Nation.”

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