NCP leader clarifies debt predicament

… Pastor Chanda says although he was mwrely surety arrangements to liquidate the funds have been made.

By Francis Maingaila

Lusaka (03-03-19) New Congress Party (NCP) President Peter Chanda has clarified that the debt he allegedly owe to Joshua Simuchenje was incurred by his business acquaintance who engaged him as a surety in the transaction.
Pastor Chanda said in an exclusive interview that his businesses acquaintance failed to settle the debt in time and this forcing Joshua Simuchenje to seek the service of the bailiffs to recover his money.
I got involved in the transaction when my business acquaintance asked me to be his surety. Because of my standing in society, Joshua Simuchenje accepted my mediation and the money was released as requested,” he said.
Regrettably, Chanda said, his business acquaintance defaulted to pay Joshua Simuchenje in time and this prompted Joshua Simuchenje to seek the service of the bailiffs that obtained an order from the court to compel my business acquaintance to pay back the money with interest.
He said the delay in payment of the money is not out of malice or pure criminal intent but a bonafide cause.
In any case Chanda explained, arrangements have been made to pay off Joshua Simuchenje his outstanding debt.
New signed agreement documents have been submitted to Joshua Simuchenje lawyer in which we are promising him to pay his monies in due course.”
What this means Chanda explained, a writ of fieri facias issued on 18th February, 2019 by the High Court to the bailiffs to recover the K85, 000 owed to Joshua Simuchenje will be of no consequence at this time.”
Basically, what I am saying is that, the matter has been resolved by the two parties involved by way of settlement agreements.
This is in a matter where Joshua Simuchenje sued Chanda for defaulting of payment of a loan amounting to K85, 000 obtained by his business acquaintance.
In a statement of claim dated 20th February, 2018, Joshua Simuchenje claims, Chanda accepted to be security for the loan and to surrender the White book for his Toyota Prado registration number ALB 4697 but neglected to settle the matter despite several reminders.

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