NAPSA surprise UTH with beddings valued at K512, 000

….Kachinda says, NAPSA will continue to support the UTH with the little the company has.

By Francis Maingaila
Lusaka (27-02-19) The National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) has donated blankets and linen valued at K512, 000 to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH), adult ward.
NAPSA Director General Yollard Kachinda told the UTH management on Wednesday afternoon that health is a human right need and the company he represent feel duty bound to reach out to need in society.
Kachinda explained that the UTH is a strategic national health institution that receive a number of people from all walks of life.
Sometime Kachinda explained, the National facility face challenges, including lack of bedding for patients  admitted at the national facilities to receive not only medical attention but also observations.
“It is for this reason saw it prudent and necessary to donate 1000 blankets and linen of equal value to the highest medical facility in the country to supplement government efforts in providing those who cannot support themselves.”
He added that the total value of the blankets and linen is K512, 000.
He pledged NAPSA continued support not only to patients admitted at UTH but also to motivate health workers at the health institution and will continue to assist the people no matter how little the donation will be.
And in receiving the donation Director Clinical Care and Diagnistic Services Dr. Alex Makupe thanked NAPSA for the continued support the institution has rendered to the UTH.
Dr. Mukupe told NAPSA management that due to increased number of patients that get admitted to receive medical care, the UTH usually face numerous challenges, including lack of beddings.
He said the 1000 blankets and 1000 linen donated to the health institution help the medical staff to provide services to the people that seek help.
He also said the availability of facilities will enable the hospital to also help to prevent sickness.
Dr. Makupe pledged that with the continued support from well wishers, the UTH now be competing with the private hospitals, in terms of the availability of resources and maninpower.
He said the public hospital is meant for all the people and that is the reason why the government is trying by all means to improving its status.
Currently, the ratio between patients and nurses has been reduced to 1:6.
He said the hospital is also looking forward to seeing the ratio reduced further to one to one.
Forevermore,  Dr. Makupe is looking forward to seeing the ratio of doctors to patients. reduce.
He hopes the donation made by NAPSA will help to save the patient in the hospitals.
And when giving a vote of thanks Mrs petronela mundia working as Chief Nursing Officer at Adult Hospital  disclosed that patients come from different places to receive medical attention at UTH.
According to Mrs. Mundia some patients go to the UTH prepared while some are caught unaware. 
She said the donation of blankets and linen will go a mile stone in addressing the challenges of beddings at the UTH.
She hope to see many other well wishers coming on baord to donation to supplement to the UTH.

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