Namwala residents to benefit from relief food

Paul Shalala


Government says it will provide relief food to people of Namwala District in Southern Province to cushion the impact of the drought on household food security.

Green Economy and Environment Minister COLLINS NZOVU says government is currently strategizing on how to help citizens in order to avert any deaths due to hunger.

Mr. NZOVU was speaking when he addressed scores of residents in Namwala .

He says climate change has hit Zambia badly and government will ensure it provides for its people.

He said he was aware that apart from crops, even pasture in Namwala has been affected because the area is well known for livestock production.

Meanwhile, Mr. NZOVU, using a Zambia Air Force helicopter, has conducted an aerial view to establish the extent of the dry spell and the damage caused by indiscriminate burning of the bush in Namwala.

And Namwala Member of Parliament MOONO MAPANI called on people in the area to avoid the indiscriminate cutting of trees and burning bushes.

Mr. MAPANI said wild fires destroy pasture which animals depend on for survival.

And a Namwala resident, HARRISON SYACHILANGA, has thanked government for the assurance that relief food will be provided.

Mr. SYACHILANGA has said in an interview with ZNBC News that most farmers in Namwala have lost their crop due to the drought situation in the area.

He said relief food will come in handy to help people survive until the next rain season.

Mwembeshi Member of Parliament MACHILA JAMBA, Green Economy and Environment Permanent Secretary DOUTY CHIBAMBA, Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit -DMMU- National Coordinator GABRIEL POLLEN and Zambia Meteorological Department Director EDSON NKONDE are in the Minister’s entourage.

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