NORTH WESTERN Province Education Officer Vengi Sinda has implored schools in the province to venture into income generating activities to address some of the financial challenges.
Mr Sinda said schools should venture into activities such as agriculture, fish farming and honey production among others adding that the region is endowed with natural resources to support such activities.
‘’So, I’am urging all school administrators in the province to ensure that they come up with innovative ideas of venturing into some income generating activities which will cushion some of the immediate financial challenges,’’ Mr Sinda said.
He was speaking yesterday when he officiated at a stakeholder’s provincial social audit meeting in education and skills sector organized by the Zambia National Education Coalition (ZANEC) in Solwezi.
He urged stakeholders to come up with workable solutions to various challenges being experienced in the education sector instead of always concentrating on challenges.
He also called on the need for school administrators to start changing their mindsets towards addressing some challenges.
The meeting highlighted the number of challenges that needs to be addressed in order to improve education services in the region such as inadequate infrastructure, learning and teaching materials, questionable qualifications of some teachers, overcrowding in some classes and poor funding among others.

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