The Minister of Finance says Authorities has no longer supplied any Thunder-Owned Endeavor to any lender as collateral for any borrowing.
Margaret Mwanakatwe says executive has noteworthy with wretchedness, a pattern by some media retail outlets and participants who luxuriate in chosen to deliberately submit misleading data on Zambia’s economic and debt location.
Mrs. Mwanakatwe has referred to a piece of writing printed on third September 2018 by the Africa Confidential entitled “Bonds, Payments and ever greater debt.”
She has clarified that there has on no tale been a Debt Default By executive on its debt duties to the Chinese language Authorities and diverse Chinese language lenders.
Mrs. Mwanakatwe has told ZNBC News in a assertion this night that the loan at the Kenneth Kaunda Global Airport [KKIA] remains to be being disbursed by the lenders and the ZAMBIAN executive has NOT but started repaying the loan since the fresh airport Terminal remains to be below building;
She acknowledged the Zesco loans from Chinese language lenders whisper to the extension mission for the Kariba North Financial institution Energy Location and the no longer too prolonged within the past commenced Kafue Gorge Lower Energy Location Construction Mission, which two stations are INDEPENDENT OF ZESCO as ZESCO simplest holds shareholding passion within the 2 vitality stations.
Mrs. Mwanakatwe acknowledged the loan repayments on the Kariba North Financial institution Extension Mission are duly heading within the correct course whereas the loan repayments for the Kafue Gorge Lower Energy Location luxuriate in no longer commenced as the Energy Location remains to be below building;
With regard to the Digital Migration programme, the Minister acknowledged the loan is being serviced by the Authorities and is heading within the correct course with out arrears.
Mrs Mwanakatwe acknowledged Zambia Nationwide Broadcasting Corporation used to be NEVER supplied as collateral for the loan but that, ZNBC and Megastar Occasions of China created an self reliant special motive vehicle called High Megastar to put into effect the digital migration programme.
She identified that to insinuate takeover of any asset by the Chinese language Authorities is as a result of this truth NOT PRACTICAL AND FEASIBLE and that THERE HAS NEVER at any time been discussions of a DEBT or ASSET SWAP between Zambia and any of its creditors, China inclusive.

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