Muzamuziba Yesu! Zambians angry about new Whats App tax

ZAMBIA’S Cabinet has introduced a passed the new law requiring Zambians to pay taxes for internet calls media. Zambia’s taxman will charge a 30 Ngwee per day tariff on internet phone calls.It is not clear when the new controversial and seemingly draconian tax law will take into effect. However, many people have expressed their frustration over the new tax. Many took to the same social media platforms to express their rage.Journalist and media studies scholar Clayson Hamasaka in his post on social media wrote;“The question is: Will WhatsApp and Skype allow this since they promised clients free calls? In fact all internet calls are not free because charges are incurred through internet connection fees. E.g. two ways to get internet connection which allows one to make internet calls: a) through sim card bundles, and b) WiFi, When one uses WiFi all internet activities will be borne by the WiFi subscriber and it is calculated in bytes used rather than in type of activity. To download a huge file or update might be more expensive than making a call depending on the bytes involved. So how will the K0.30 be triggered since a call is just bytes used? Does Zamtel, MTN, Aitel, etc have a monitoring system for WhatsApp activities for every subscriber? Will they be able to print the WhatsApp call list to determine my usage and receipt my costs incurred on WhatsApp calls? Will WhatsApp or Facebook or Skype or Boom allow the Zambian Government to hack their sites for such private information? And we are told the taxes on whatsapp calls are meant to save jobs at the mobile phone providers. When taxes are collected, they are used by government. So how does the money get to the mobile service providers since government will be collecting the money as taxes and going into the government treasury and not mobile service providers.” He posted. Post Views: 1

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