Mutati vows to rebuild MMD

MMD faction leader Felix Mutati says without the support of his party, the story would have been different for the PF in 2016.
During the Lusaka Province MMD membership renewal exercise at Government Complex yesterday, Mutati said President Edgar Lungu had acknowledged the help the former ruling party rendered to PF. Mutati said he was not ashamed to state that his party had helped the PF form government.

You will recall that when we met in Kabwe in 2016, we took a collective decision in the true culture of MMD, the decision that moving forward in 2016, our contribution to the political dispensation, to democracy and the fortunes of the people of Zambia is to go into partnership and it is true that your efforts as MMD contributed to the PF being in power. MMD I thank you, Mutati said.

President Lungu has acknowledged your contribution that without your participation and hard work in 2016, his life would have been different. On behalf of the party, we sacrificed our ambitions as a party, we put Zambia first, we put the people of Zambia first in the interest of moving this country forward, glory be to God.

Mutati stressed that it was not about which party was more important but the people who made up the parties.
We will not be shy to say we played a critical role in 2016 and as a party, we are not impatient. As a party we take a mature approach to deal with the challenges that we face. As a party we remain in collective decision-making. As a party, its not which party which is important; its all of us who are important, its you and me, he said.

Mutati further directed his national secretary, Raphael Nakacinda, to call for a policy conference for the party to structure a roadmap.

Im directing national secretary Raphael Nakacinda to announce a policy conference where we shall all meet together and decide on what we do as a party together. For us, we need to be strategic, we need to be prudent, for us our primary role is to rebuild this great party to be a force to be reckoned with. We need to mobilise from the very bottom going up, said Mutati.
We need to go into the provinces, in the districts and mobilise our people. We need to continue to be relevant to the political dispensation because we are a big party.
During the ceremony, Mutati handed over a copper eagle memento to Fredrick Chilubas son Darlington in honour of the late presidents contribution to the party.
He also announced that former president Rupiah Banda would be honoured at the next membership renewal ceremony slated for the Copperbelt.

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