Mutati and Nakacinda are serial forum shoppers


By Mark Chisanga

Forum shopping is a term used to refer to the action by litigants of jumping from court to Court with the same issues disguising them as different ones, seeking a favourable judgement . This action is also called abuse of court process or indeed Multiplicity of action.

Former works and supply minister and his charmer Raphael Nakachinda are now well known Forum Shoppers.

In their quest to be recognised as MMD Leaders, they have not spared any thread to shop for a judge who would give them a favourable judgement and they have not spared ground in twisting the facts before different courts.

Literally every court they have run to including the supreme court (July 10) seating in Kabwe observed that they were forum shopping.

The issue here is that, for people to be diagnosed as such, it means such people have an illness that is entrenched indeed. They either have self deceiving character or are thin with regard to feelings of shame (insoni ebuntu). They are not healthy citizens who can’t respect due process.

Strictly speaking if they believe in their claims to the leadership of the MMD, then they would have grabbed ahold of the opportunity provided through the “Winnie Zaloumis Vs Mutati and others” case which has been before the High Court since February 2017 to place their evidence on the record and be pronounced MMD Leaders. But it is clear that there plan has always been to use the back door.

These are not very honest men. If the courts keep referring to their actions as forum shopping and they somehow can still wake up from their beds and go about business as if they are like all of us, then something is wrong somewhere in our society.

Do you remember Mr Mutati openly saying that for him politics is a game of opportunity and he knows how to play it well? This is it, his view of the serious proposition of leadership is as simple as “it’s a game”.

Anyways for now let’s just say, they are SERIAL FORUM SHOPPERS!!!!

The author is a member of the media team of the Nevers Mumba MMD faction. The views contained in this are those of the author and not of this publication.

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