Murdered hubby interred


HUNDREDS of mourners yesterday paid their last respects to Lubinda Litebele, the 30-year-old Banc ABC employee who died in the early hours of Wednesday after allegedly being shot by his wife, Precious.
Mary Immaculate Parish priest Vincent Sakala said he was aware that Mr Litebele’s untimely and tragic death had angered the family and friends, but urged them to look to God for strength and grace.
Father Sakala observed that even if mourners were comforted through scripture, the bereaved family might not easily come to terms with their loss, but advised them not to relent in seeking God’s intervention as was the case with Job in the Bible.
Mr Litebele’s siblings and relatives prayed for peace in homes, revelation of the truth of what transpired on that fateful Wednesday morning and consolation, among others.
The church was filled, causing other mourners to follow proceedings from outside.
There was weeping and wailing during body viewing and some mourners could not resist, but place their hands on the casket.
Mr Litebele’s father broke down during body viewing and was seen being aided out of the church by two men.
Meanwhile, Police have issued a warn and caution to Precious as investigations continue in the killing, which has sent shock waves across the country.

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