Munyaule market land was sold under PF-Simuuwe

Rosemary Kamanga


UPND Consultant MARK SIMUUWE says the land rights on Munyaule market were assigned to a developer in 2016 by the PF government and not UPND.

Mr. SIMUUWE says the PF has no right to accuse UPND of not caring for Zambians because they are the ones who allowed traders to illegally settle on private land.

He says despite the initial decision, members of the Socialist Party, formerly part of the PF, now claim that the developer obtained land rights under the opposition UPND.

Mr SIMUUWE explains that the development process involved notices and meetings with local authorities, including the area councilor, prior to the expiry of the last notice on February 29, 2024.

He told ZNBC in an interview that the developer has committed in writing to prioritize affected marketeers once the construction of the ultra-modern market is complete.

Mr SIMUUWE said local authorities are offering alternative trading spaces at DH Market, Soweto Market, and Simon Mwewa Lane Market in efforts to mitigate the impact on affected traders.

He has, however, noted that a portion of the marketeers has chosen not to relocate, adding another layer of complexity to the situation.

Mr. SIMUUWE has urged both citizens and the media to discern and reject opposition propaganda.

Additionally, Mr SIMUUWE has recommended seeking official information from the Ministry of Local Government to ensure accurate and unbiased reporting.

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