(ZANIS) Munali Member of Parliament, Nkandu Luo has expressed disappointment with the contractor working on a sewerage network in Kaunda Square Stage one.Speaking when she made a spot check, after receiving concerns from the residents, Professor Luo found the area without signage to indicate that there is danger ahead.The law maker indicated that the construction is being done right at the doorstep of residents, stating that the ditches are dangerous especially among children.She noted that contractors should not take advantage of Zambians, but do the right thing at all times.Professor Luo who is also Livestock and Fisheries Minister warned that such contractors should be given an ultimatum until they follow the regulations to ensure local people are not endangered.She also launched the sinking and drilling of boreholes in her constituency at Kaunda Square Primary school.And Lusaka Water Supply and Sanitation Company Limited Senior Engineer, Kalikeka Malate disclosed that the project, which is funded by the Zambian government and the African Development Bank, involves construction of sewer pipes, sewer manholes as well connections to houses in the area.Mr. Malate indicated that Lusaka Water is aware of the concerns and assured that they will be attended to in the soonest possible time. Post Views: 219

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