Msoni condemns killing of a Zambian in South Africa

APC President Nason Msoni

APC President Nason Msoni

All People’s Congress (APC) Leader Nason Msoni  has accused the South African government of not doing enough to curb xenophobic attacks against foreign nationals in that nation.

Mr. Msoni was reacting to Wednesday’s incident in which the late Rabson Zulu a 28-years-old Zambian national was killed by a group of enraged taxi and minibus drivers in a town of Klerksdorp, North West, South Africa.

Mr. Msoni lamented a QNEWS interview in Lusaka that time has come for the Zambian government to register xenophobic concerns following rising numbers of her citizens being killed in South African.

Msoni has advised the South African government to ensure that all foreign citizens are protected from criminals targeting foreigners legally resident in the country now led by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Mr. Msoni is of the view that xenophobic conduct and lawlessness is certainly tarnishing the south African image.

He has insisted that the South African government has a moral duty and obligation to sensitize her citizens on the monumental role and sacrifices played by their brothers and sisters Southern African Development Community (SADC) in the sub region during the apartheid era.

Mr. Msoni expect political leaders of all shade and character In South Africa to unanimously condemn the maiming and cold blood killing of  foreign nationals.


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