Morrocco To Host 24th UNWTO GA

By Luckson Nthani-Zambia has congratulated Morocco for winning the bid to host the Twenty-Forth United Nations World Tourism Organisation UNWTO General Assembly in 2021.Tourism and Arts Minister Ronald Chitola has told ZNBC News in an interview that Zambia is happy that the UNWTO General Assembly will be held in Africa for the third time.Mr. Chitotela said Zambia, as the new Chair of the Commission for Africa CAF on tourism will work closely with Morocco, which is the Vice Chair of the continental body to ensure that the 2021 UNWTO General Assembly is a success,He was speaking Saint Petersburg, Russia after Morocco beat Kenya and The Philippines in a secret ballot by UNWTO member states attending the Twenty-Third General Assembly which used latest electronic gadgets for the first time to vote.And Zambia’s Permanent Representative at the UNWTO, Christine Kaseba Sata advised Morocco to plan adequately for the 2021 event and said using the Digital Age ,it can help the host country to prepare for the global tourism gathering.Morocco’s Minister of Tourism, Air Transport, Handcraft and Social Economy Mohammed Sajid told ZNBC News that his country is happy to win the bid to host the UNWTO General Assembly and promised to offer the best to the world in 2021. Post Views: 8
News Source: ZNBC

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