By Wilson Mulinda:

The Ministry of Health has made changes at National, Provincial and District Levels to ensure the actualization of the Decentralization Agenda within the Ministry.

Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Administration GEORGE MAGWENDE says the Ministry is being re-organized in order to actualize the national aspirations for a decentralized governance system, as enshrined in the Constitution.

Dr. MAGWENDE says this is also aimed at strengthening capacity and enhancing performance at sub-national structures.

He says decentralization of health systems is a Universal pillar of reforms in the health sector, viewed as a tool for provision of quality and efficient services as well as enhancing local governance of health systems.

In a statement to ZNBC news, Dr MAGWENDE said in the quest to align with Government’s aspirations of actualizing a Decentralized governance system, the Ministry has re-aligned expertise from the National and Provincial level to District level by re-assigning some Directors to new portfolios in order to build the much-needed capacity for ensuring efficient service delivery.

Dr. MAGWENDE noted that this is a continuous process as the Ministry will endeavor to make adjustments through transfers at all levels.

He said the Ministry of Health remains committed to ensuring the availability of skilled personnel at all levels to enhance the delivery of cost-effective health care services as close to the family as possible, hence implementation of these changes.

Dr. MAGWENDE said in order to attain this, the Ministry is working in a systematic and methodical manner.

He said the Ministry will continue to make efforts of ensuring that women are visible in key administrative capacities of decision-making within its structures.

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