Mnangagwa Asks for Zambia’s Vote

By Hector Simfukwe-Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa has asked Zambia to support his country’s intention to get the position of Secretary General for the African, Caribbean and Pacific group of Countries.This message was delivered to President Edgar Lungu by Dr. Mnangagwa’s special envoy Simon Moyo.Mr. Moyo who is also Zimbabwean Minister of Foreign Affairs said the candidate being presented by Zimbabwe is very experienced in global affairs.He said Zimbabwean candidate Tadeous Chifwamba will not only serve   the interest of his country but of the SADC region.Mr. Moyo also informed President Lungu that some parts of Zimbabwe have been hit with drought.He said this has forced his country to import some food stuffs.And in response President Lungu thanked Zimbabwe for having confidence in Zambia.He said through compromise and conscience the SADC region will be able to find the best candidate for the position of Secretary General of ACP.And on the issue of drought President Lungu said there is need for world leaders to find smart ways of mitigating the effects of climate change. Post Views: 2
News Source: ZNBC

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