NEVERS Mumba who yesterday ditched his alliance with the UPND  has been rebuffed by his party, the MMD,  which says he is not welcome and there is nothing for him to organize because they are already organized and doing fine.
MMD Die Hard National Youth Coordinator Gerald Chiluba has charged that Dr Mumba was merely serving his own interests and the party would not allow him to interfere with its operations because they were doing just fine under Felix Mutati’s leadership.
Dr Mumba yesterday announced that he had pulled out of his alliance with UPND which was an electoral pact because it expired adding that he now wanted to reorganize the MMD.
But Mr Chiluba told the Daily Nation yesterday that Dr Mumba was an opportunist and that is why he was moving from one political party to another.
“In search of greener pastures Dr Mumba has decided to ditch the UPND for reasons purely based on individual sustenance.
“He is the only surviving politician who has belonged to all political parties and formed two political parties which he later abandoned for greener pastures,” Mr Chiluba said.
He added, “We have reliable information that Dr Mumba wants to join the Patriotic Front (PF) for a job but because of his political opportunism, he will slide beyond PF into the NDC.”
Mr Chiluba said reality has finally dawned on Dr Mumba that the gimmicks to economic survival through UPND have been exposed.
We can only hope, he said, that whichever party is going to embrace him will first put him on trial before the process of induction.
“His insinuations of taking over the MMD Secretariat remain mere hallucinations and should not be taken seriously by anyone who knows his character,” he said.

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