One individual has died on the Column Coal Mine Industries Limited in Sinazongwe district at some level of their operations of loading coal in the trays underground.
Column Coal Mine Industries Limited underground supervisor Elvis Ng’andu confirmed to Sinazongwe District Commissioner Protacial Mulenga that the accident occurred at shaft six entertaining the loss of existence of 1 worker while three others survived.
Mr. Ng’andu said the deceased is customarily called Levy Siamaili, 25 of Vwavwa village in Sinazongwe district died while on accountability when a rock dislodged from the roof of the tunnel and fell on his lend a hand squeezing him in opposition to the bottom floor.
He said the three thoroughly different miners Nelson Mansangu, Manuel Siachiyumu and Clement Siamaili survived as they weren’t affected.
Mr. Ng’andu said operations at shaft six bear already been halted and the positioning closed staring at for mine inspectors to settle the trigger of the accident and whether this can even be fit to continue with operations.
The Underground Supervisor said the deceased used to be on a two-year contract and is survived by a wife and two formative years.
Mr. Ng’andu said the firm will meet the funeral costs.
And the Sinazongwe District Commissioner has expressed disappointment in opposition to the loss of existence on the Column Coal Mine in this type of tragic accident.
Mr. Mulenga has called on the Mining Company Administration to originate clear safety measures are adhered to without fail to lower accidents.

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