A Joint Technical team is currently carrying out an audit of various mining houses followingthreats of job cuts and suspension of operations due to the revised taxation regime.
Mines Minister Richard Musukwa says the technical team comprises officers from the Ministries of Mines, Labour and other stakeholders.
Mr. Musukwa says the audit will enable government to verify the claims mining companies are advancing in view of the changes to the mine tax regime.
He said this in a telephone interview with ZNBC News.
Mr. Musukwa however said government is waiting for the mines to also submit a technical report which is aligned to the tax measures that will be implemented in 2019.
And speaking in a separate interview, Labour Minister Joyce Simukoko said as soon as the committee concludes the audit, Government will determine the next course of action.
Mrs. Simukoko said the technical team is currently in Solwezi conducting the audit.

News Source: ZNBC

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