Milenge residents turn to ‘Lungu’s tree’ for enrichment rituals


RESIDENTS of Milenge district in Luapula Province have caused a pine tree planted by President Edgar Lungu in 2017 to be stunted because they are constantly plucking its leaves and using it in enrichment rituals. According to Milenge district commissioner Kunda Chibilo, the residents believe the tree possess supernatural powers which could make them rich having been planted by the Head of State. President Lungu planted the pine tree during a tree planting ceremony in Milenge West when he visited the area in early 2017.

ZANIS quoted Chibilo saying the tree has since become stunted as people have been plucking its leaves to make charms. Chibilo called on Milenge residents to move away from witchcraft mentality. He said the people should know that power comes from God and not a tree or charms. He said people should cleanse their thoughts and accept God as their source of everything.

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