Manufacturers Confident of Growth after Debt restructuring

The Zambia Association of Manufacturers is confident that Zambia’s credibility among the International Community and various lending Institutions will be restored, after debt restructuring.

ZAM President ASHU SAGAR says ZAMBIA can now concentrate on the growth of the economy.

Mr SAGAR says debt restructuring will help the country free up resources necessary for investment in important  sectors.

He says the inherited debt situation had created much uncertainty for the private sector as well as for would-be investors, thereby affecting potential growth in the domestic economy.

In a statement to ZNBC News , Mr SAGAR has since urged the remaining Commercial Creditors to expedite and resolve the last part of the debt negotiations process so that Zambia may continue its pursuit of sustainable economic growth.

Mr SAGAR said that the association  is optimistic that the debt restructuring deal will lead to increased investment , job creation, and facilitate  economic growth.

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