Malawian national sent to jail for 15 years for sleeping with a chicken

Christopher Miti


The Chipata High Court has sentenced a 28-year-old Malawian who had carnal knowledge of a chicken against the order of nature to 15 years imprisonment with hard labour.

Lusaka judge Koreen Zimba who is sitting in Chipata jailed Thomas Chibande Phiri; a Malawian who was doing peace works in Chief Mnukwa’s area in Chipangali district.

Phiri who was charged with unnatural offences committed the offence on March 21st 2023.

He was committed to the High Court for sentencing by the Chipata Magistrates’ Court.

The state called five prosecution witnesses in this matter while Phiri did not call any witness.

One of the prosecution witnesses Zandonda Phiri who was the owner of the chicken said the convict was found having sex with a chicken in the chicken run in the early hours on March 21.

The convict who used to work for Phiri committed the crime when he went to open the chicken run.

After being found in the act, the convict pushed the owner of the chicken and attempted to run to the next village but was apprehended.

The chicken was producing mucus from its anus and died a few minutes later.

Dr Chrisborn Mubamba from the veterinary department who examined the chicken said it died from shock because a blunt object penetrated it and that it also had lacerations.

He said the findings were collaborating with the report of this matter.

In defence Chibande claimed that he strangled the chicken and inserted a finger in its anus so that it could die and the owner could give it to him since he was not being paid and deducted from his salary.

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