Lungu is a liar, must be kicked out – HH

President Lungu

President Lungu

The opposition UPND says President Edgar Lungu is a liar who should be kicked out through a vote in August.

In a statement to react to Lungu’s address at his Copperbelt province campaigns launch Saturday afternoon,  UPND says:


What President Lungu should have done while addressing his supporters at Levy Mwanawasa stadium earlier today was to tell them what he is planning for Zambia. But in his usual style he went for HH and GBM, calling them all sorts of names. Lungu spent 20 minutes lying that HH privatised the mines.


Remember, Lungu is not a stranger to lying, we all know that he was suspended from LAZ for stealing a client’s money, so why should we believe him on this occasion?


We all heard what Lungu said about violence.


Again the man decides to lie that his cadres are innocent. Then who was breaking cars at the UPND secretariat on Thursday after Lungu filed in nominations? Who was tearing down our billboards?


Yesterday one of our youths from Chibombo was kidnapped and his hand was broken, who did that? Meanwhile, a gunshot was fired and landed in the arms of one of our youths, missing his rib cage by a whisker. Did Lungu not see or hear about that?


What kind of leadership is this? On 11th August 2016 this man must be kicked out.


Stephen Katuka

UPND Secretary General

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