Luapula Will Give Pres. Edgar Lungu 90% Votes, says Dr Kambwili

Pres. Lungu - Dununa ReverseInformation minister Chishimba Kambwili says Luapula will give President Edgar Lungu a landslide electoral vote in the August 11 polls.

Dr Kambwili predicts President Lungu, who is winding up the tour of that province, will get no less than 90% of the total votes.

In our usual style we have brought laughter and joy to the campaigns. People are genuinely happy and attentive at the public meetings and rallies.

Kambwili says all constituencies visited have pledged 90% + 1 votes.

“We are genuinely together with the Zambian people, we don’t pretend nor try too hard. The bond between the people and PF stems from the hearts of all of us.

“Encouraging to know that former president FTJ has been honoured with a university being named after him, wonderful sign of respect to the people of Luapula.

“Meanwhile Kawambwa reaffirms its love for Lungu… Dununa reverse (the happiness this song has brought is overewhelming.. I’m so proud of JK and his team)

“Do it with a smile, nothing beats a smile!! Let us vote wisELy

“Senga Hill was on fire this afternoon. The people of Senga Hill are extremely happy with their government and have pledged 90+1 for Edgar Chagwa Lungu,” he said.

Dr Kambwili is recontesting his seat in Roan.

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