Local Contractors on C/belt Split over AVIC Deal

The Consortium of Local Contractors on the Copperbelt has split, as members are accusing each other of being selfish following the awarding of contracts to locals by AVIC International at the Ndola Airport as well as at the construction of the Kafulafuta Dam.

Some local contractors, who recently petitioned Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu to intervene in the matter, have decided to pull out of the Consortium after being left out on the list of first beneficiaries.

A representative of the aggrieved members, Kalumbu Ng’onga, said the leadership of the consortium has acted selfishly and is sharing works among themselves.

He said he and other members have decided to pull out, accusing those in the Consortium leadership of having swindled them.

Kalumbu said they have been paying membership fees but were only surprised to find that they had been left out of the works.

But Consortium president John Chilupula has expressed shock that some members were accusing the executive of being selfish.

He said the works are being shared equally and that it is not possible for everyone to benefit at the same time.

Chilupula has also accused those that have pulled out of being sponsored by some leaders who over the years had failed to help locals benefit from the 20 per cent sub-contracting policy.

He said the consortium has created a platform that has seen over 1,200 jobs created at Kafulafuta Dam and at the Ndola Airport.

Chilupula said his executive will continue to engage local contractors through its flagship to help President Edgar Lungu realise the creation of jobs for the local people.

News source: Zambia Reports

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