Livingstone records more cases of Chicken Pox  

By Francine Chibuye

Livingstone Health Promotions Officer, MARTHA SANSELE says the city has seen an increase in Chickenpox cases with about of 84 cases recorded this year alone.

Twenty-two of the reported cases are from Hillcrest Technical Boys Secondary School.

Ms. SANSELE has told ZNBC News in an interview that 62 of the 84 cases are community based, adding that the district has been recording on average five to eight cases per week.

She says usually children below the age of 10 are more prone to Chickenpox but even adults can get the disease especially if there is an underlying condition.

Ms. SANSELE says the district has been treating the disease successfully and notes that there are no hospital admissions and patients are advised to isolate during treatment.

She has urged the public to seek medical attention without delay when they notice any symptoms.

(Image credit BBC)

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