Letter: Sympathising With Mímembe and The Post

M'membe Released Good morning Editor,

In as much as we sympathize with the the photos of Mr. M’membe the self proclaimed king maker humiliated.. People should know that, “He who comes into equity must come with clean hands”.. If the Post bypassed the Tribunal and rushed to court, and judgment passed in favour of ZRA, then the Tribunal has no jurisdiction, so the Respondent cannot be summoned by an inferior set up.

ZRA should not accept any ex-parte order, as it is unreasonable and unenforceable. In the case of Wynter Kabimba and Others vs. The Attorney General and Others (2011), it was opined that “Sit finis litium” meaning that it is in the public interest that there should be an end to litigation. Mr. M’membe keeps running to court for protection instead of settling the debt.. Clearly there should be an end to litigation.

Zambians should not be taken for granted by M’membe and his minions… No precedent is going to be set from such mediocrity because doing so will affect our legal system. Kangaroo gymnastics will be applied in our courts and we shall not see any justice if such comedy of errors is entertained. ZRA must collect what is due! Every ngwee must be collected from The Post and M’membe…

We shall sympathize with M’membe and his minions over the alleged police brutality after the debt is fully settled.. I need that money as a Zambian citizen so that the government can provide me with better services which are my rights.

How can we entertain someone that is contributing to our povery as a Nation? Abena Zambia mulebako serious.. Let’s put politics aside and be blind to things that matter to us the most.. Let’s not take things casually and support things like we support Man U vs. Chelsea..

Simon Mulenga Mwila (Lusaka Youth)

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