Letter: On Final Kicks Of A Dying Horse …the case of PF, GBM and ‘Conduct likely to Win an Election’

GBM-UPND1On Saturday whilst preparing to fly to Kitwe from SMKIA [Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport] in Ndola to attend the UPND Campaign launch at Freedom park, GBM, who is one amongst two Vice Presidents in UPND was intercepted by police and taken to Ndola Central Police Station where he was detained and is still detained as I write this. On the news last night we head Copperbelt Police Chief Charity Katanga say GBM had NOT been charged due to lack of complainants to testify against GBM.

Now I find this rather ridiculous on the part of the police to detain someone without charging them first. It is against freedom’s and right’s of an individual to be arrested without being given a reason for such an arrest. Where are the so called NGO’s and Law experts to speak out of such violations of basic human rights?

Another interesting thing to note from Katanga was that she blatantly said and I quote “the instruction to arrest him (GBM) came from Lusaka”, end of quote. The question now begs for an answer: who in Lusaka ordered the arrest of a citizen who had not committed any crime as seen by the failure by police to charge him upon arrest.

Clearly this can be said to be Politically motivated as no one should order police to arrest someone without evidence. One can only be left to conclude that such orders came from State House for one simple reason: GBM had been on the Copperbelt for 3 days prior to his arrest pulling huge crowds as he went around the province spreading the UPND campaign message and this must have made someone, somewhere uneasy and perhaps spend sleepless nights at the site of such huge crowds of Copperbelt residents turning out in their numbers to listern to GBM.

It can indeed be said that GBM was only arrested for one thing, and that thing is ‘Conduct likely to win an election’ which to the PF, is a huge offence warranting someone’s arrest. Nonetheless, Zambia is watching, the people are watching.


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