Letter: Madison Insurance Service

Mr Editor,

publish this letter for me

I am writing this letter just to complain about the poor service coming from Madison General Insurance that I have been facing.

I have been insuring all my vehicles with them for the past 2 years but from few months (from December 2015), its been outages after outage. While the service has never had problems before, recently they have experienced severe interruptions to there system almost monthly as well as slow & poor customer service. The problem began on December 29th, 2015 when the system went down for several hours and had to wait for my policy documents, cover notes and receipt for 2 hours till they decided to stamp on my cover not (paid stamp) and was asked to return for the other documents.

I thought this was a one off encounter but the problem occurred in March this year on one of the sale agents (At Ridgeway) and February ended up insuring the vehicles I had bought with Meanwood General Insurance. I have now experienced this problem again (30 June 2016) at the post office and HQ and left in frustration. It led me to start asking myself how the company can put up such a fancy building but fails to employee qualified personnel (professional people and not cadres) to manage there systems.

At the moment, they are busy advertising that they are now selling insurance online and they expect people to trust them with such a system when they cannot even manage systems internally. Is management even aware of such challenges? Why cant they invest in back up servers? Are PIA and IAZ aware of these problems? Which insurance company can we trust when we have head that others cannot even pay claims and get better service?

Concerned Customer.

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