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Let’s promote our culture in songs – Kasolo




UPCOMING music artiste Hossin Kasolo says Zambian artistes should preserve and showcase cultural values in their songs.
Kasolo, who this year released singles ‘Kolwe’, ‘Washikula Akamwana’, and ‘Umucele’ says it was sad that some Zambian artistes copied western lifestyles through their music and dress code.
Kasolo, popularly known as Kasolo Wesu, said Zambia had a rich culture which needed to be preserved by members of the public, including artistes.
The vibrant artiste, who has a quartet group at his church, says artistes should use their talents to show other countries how proud they are with their culture.
He said artistes should embrace Zambia’s values in their songs, adding that heritage was the pride of any nation.
He also advised his fellow artistes to learn musical instruments and to also do more of live songs as they produce their songs.
He noted that most artistes in Zambia relied on computerised songs, but that they should shift from that mindset.
The jovial artiste further said that upcoming artistes had a challenge in Zambia as some DJs could not play their songs until they were paid by the artistes.
Kasolo said it was important that such trends stopped as most talented upcoming musicians could not manage to bring out their skills due to lack of funds.
“There is talent in Zambia but just to gain airplay on radio stations is not an easy thing,” he said.

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